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We understand that hiring an inhouse Graphic designer can be expensive. That is why we created Flayaz a platform which lets you create stunning flyers which stop anyone in their scrolls to take a look for FREE.

Flyers That Cannot Just Be Scrolled Past


A wide selection of ready made templates to choose from. Pick a template and start designing. We do extensive research to nail down the specific designs people want.

Easy, but Powerful

Create rich and powerful designs quick and easily. The easy and intuitive interface will suit everyone, both beginners and expert designers

Robust features

Discover robust features that will make your designs stand out. Create 3D rotations, shadows, gradients and so much more in one tool.

Colour Palette & Themes

Unleash the power of colors. Create and preview your brand's colours in real time. Mix colours & discover matches that will blow you away!

13 Million + FREE Photos From Unsplash In 3 Clicks

They say images are more than a thousand words. A humongous library of stock photos at your fingertips. Search a photo and insert into your design right away

Design Anywhere, Anytime

Whether in an office, car or walking, you can create a design on whatever deevice you have; mobile or PC.

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