When & How To Use Photo Filters – Black & White & Monochrome

By Denver Kunaka In Colours
Last Updated June 8, 2024

Bad images can break a design. Out of focus, blurred and poorly lighted images are some examples of bad photos.

What Is Black & White/ Grayscale

Before colour videos and photos where displayed in black and white.

Black and White, also called grayscale, is a photo with varying shades of gray with black being the darkest, white lightest, and gray shades in between.

Shades of black

BW or grayscale terms are used interchangeably.

Monochromatic is the term used to define single colour photos not just black. The way you apply the colour is called colourisation. Colourisation is a filter applied on the image.

Why Use Single Colour Photos

Grayscaled or monochromatic photos can be used as design styles or ways to cover up bad photos.

An image colourised with teal

Grayscaled images also have serious and sad emotional weight making them suitable for funeral, charity and awareness related designs.

awareness flyer
A high contrast grascaled image
charity flyer dontaion
A charity flyer

In addition, grayscale and sepia photos can create a nostalgic feeling.

A Sepia design with a nostalgic feeling

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