Property for sale darkcyan yellow narrow modern square flyer

Property for sale darkcyan yellow narrow modern square flyer
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    Calm, Energetic, Lively, Serious
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    Facebook Post, Square
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    Bold, Circular, Professional, Modern, Narrow
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    Modern and narrow. Have a rounded photo on the left and some text on the right. The narrow font makes sure your headline fits the space available. Visual Appeal: A large, high-quality image of a luxurious house with a pool, which immediately attracts attention. Header: Place you logo in the top right corner Main Heading: Boldly states "PROPERTY FOR SALE" in a large, legible font, making it clear what the flyer is about. Location: The property is located in Eastcue, highlighted under the main heading to provide immediate context. Property Details: The property size is specified as "600sqm," indicating the spaciousness of the plot. The price is clearly mentioned as "$50000" with a note that a 20% down payment is required. Additional details include features of the property: patio, pool, ensuite, 4 bedrooms, study room, and more. Contact Information: Contact info in the bottom ight corner Social Media: A small Facebook icon with a placeholder for the page link is included at the bottom left, encouraging potential buyers to follow or contact through social media.

Note: The names used in these templates are entirely fictional Any similarities between names are coincidental and unintentional.

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