By Denver Kunaka In Tutorials
Last Updated November 8, 2021

Gradients allow you to create smooth colour transitions.

To apply gradient to a shape click Fill then Gradient. A modal box will show up with different input fields to fill.

Gradient Type


There are currently two gradient types; linear and radial.

Linear gradients move in a linear fashion along a given angle. For example, 180deg (straight line) creates a gradient that runs horizontally, 90deg creates vertical gradients.

You can specify positive or negative values. Negative values will move the gradient in the opposite direction.


Radial gradients transitions (move) away from a central point.

The size value determines how big the gradient is going to.

Colour Offsets

Colour offset determines the position of a colour along the gradient line.
For example, red at 0, blue at 100%.
You need at least two colour offsets otherwise the gradient won’t show.

To create smooth transitions you can increase the interval between offsets.


Opacity determines the transparency of a given colour. 0 for full transparency, 100 for full opacity.

Text Gradient

To make a text gradient, click Text fill and the applied shape gradient will be applied to text.

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