By Denver Kunaka In Tutorials
Last Updated November 8, 2021

Shadows are one of the most robust effects you can add to your designs. Shadows make objects look real as they do in real life.

They make object/ shapes attached to their surfaces (as if they are placed on the surface).

To add a shadow, go to the FORMAT tab and click shadow. The dropdown presents 4 inputs to fill, horizontal offset, vertical offset, blur and colour.


The offsets allows you to select the direction of the shadow; horizontal (left/ right) or vertical (top/bottom)

If you input a positive number on the horizontal offset the shadow will move right. To go left just place a negative sign. The same goes for vertical offsets. Positive numbers will move the shadow down while negatives top.


Blur determines how the shadow colour gradually fades from the element. Set 0 for a solid colour without fade. Increasing the value will also increase the fade.

If you set blur only with 0 offsets the shadow will cover the whole element


Click colour to set the shadow colour.

Text Shadows

Text shadows work the same as above. You can either set it using text shadow or just the box shadow as above which works on all elements and objects.

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