The Interface

By Denver Kunaka In Tutorials
Last Updated September 7, 2022

To start designing you can pick a template or start on blank page.
The interface contains five tabs; HOME, INSERT, PAGE, TRANSFORM, FORMAT each with different uses.


The home tab is mainly used for text editing. It contains text editing features such as bold, italic, fonts, align.
In addition to text, this tab contains the Fill button which allows you to fill a shape with colour, gradients, images and other things.

You can also copy shapes or undo previous actions.

You can also create a new empty page using the New button


This tab is used to insert shapes, pictures, text boxes, icons and other thing.


The page tab mainly contains features used to edit the page. You can change the page size and fill the page with colour, image or gradient.


The transform tab contains features to rotate and flip shapes, images etc


This tab contains robust features used to edit/ format shapes and pictures.
It includes shape arrangement, image positions, shadows, borders, filters, shape sizes and alignment.


The quick toolbar allows you to quickly select an option or operation. It contains rotation, text edit (pencil icon), lock, toggle (eye icon) and the view more (3 vertical dots).

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